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Hornicek Francis

Francis Hornicek

  • Professor of Clinical
  • Orthopedics & Rehabilitation
Research InterestPage 1
1. To dissect the mechanisms of multi-drug resistance in sarcoma and ovarian cancer. a. We have generated several drug resistant cell lines derived from different types of tumors. b. We have identified small molecules to reverse drug resistance, and characterized molecular mechanisms governing growth and proliferation of human sarcoma cells. c. We have found multidrug resistance could be partially reversed by siRNA targeting of ABCB1 (MDR1). d. To reverse drug resistance using a combination of nanoparticles with chemotherapy drugs. i. National Cancer Institute (NCI) Cancer Nanotechnology Platform Partnership (CNPP) has awarded us a U01 grant for 5 years in collaboration with Northeastern University. 2. To develop new chemotherapeutic drugs isolated from marine organisms for the treatment of sarcomas a. PharmaMar drugs: e.g. ET743 3. Screening of chemical libraries for biologically active compounds aimed at specific targets or pathway was a powerful approach we used to find novel therapeutic agents. a. E.g., patent of usage NSC23925