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Contact Information

Rosenstiel Medical Science Bldg 4019 (R124)
Glen N. Barber, Ph.D.

Glen N. Barber, Ph.D.

  • Professor
  • Chairman & Professor – Department of Cell Biology/ Eugenia J. Dodson C
  • Cell Biology
Research InterestPage 1
Dr. Barber’s primary interest is in studying cellular sensing mechanisms that trigger host defense countermeasures in response to microbial infection. This has included his discovery of a signaling pathway controlled by a new innate immune regulator referred to as STING (stimulator of interferon genes) that is activated by DNA based microbes such as viruses, bacteria, and parasites. He is interested in developing viral oncolytic agents and immunotherapeutic for the treatment of cancer and understanding the role of innate immunity & the control of cancer and Understanding mechanisms of inflammation associated cancer.