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Stefan Wuchty, Ph.D.

Stefan Wuchty, Ph.D.

  • Associate Professor
  • Center for Computational Science
Research InterestPage 1
Currently, Dr. Wuchty research interests are focused on complex biological/biomedical systems that entail the skillful integration and modeling of disparate data sources such as large-scale expression, genomic and molecular interaction data. In complex diseases such as different cancer types, such modeling efforts focus on the information traversal from genomic variations to dys-regulated disease genes through a network of molecular interactions. Currently, they model such a system as an electric circuit where expression correlations of interactions serve as electric resistances. Such considerations allow Dr. Wuchty’s lab to identify truly causal genes for the observed dys-regulation of disease relevant genes, as well as the determination of causal paths. In particular, such an approach can be applied to any disease system for which expression, genomic and interaction data is available. As a welcomed side effect results potentially may indicate points of therapeutic intervention. Furthermore, their modeling approach is not limited to disease systems. In fact, it can also be applied to any biological system where causality plays a role.