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Biomedical Research Building 413
Zane Zeier, Ph.D.

Zane Zeier, Ph.D.

  • Assistant Professor
  • Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences
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Dr. Zeier’s cancer-related interests include both epigenetic mechanisms and therapeutic development. In addition to some of his epigenetic small molecule development programs, he is also interested in the development of small molecules targeting specific nucleocytoplasmic transport pathways. He developed a battery of fluorescent biosensors that can be utilized in high content imaging assays to probe nucleocytoplasmic transport kinetics. Small molecules capable of perturbing these pathways could have therapeutic potential for some forms of cancer. He has also been investigating the role of nucleophosmin in neurodegenerative disease. He has discovered a potential mechanism whereby cancer cells with nucelophosmin mutations may be selectively killed, thus having relevance to AML therapies.