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Figueroa Lab

Epigenetic Regulation of Hematopoiesis

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Investigator / Contact Person Maria Figueroa

Research Focus

The Figueroa lab studies the role of epigenetic modifications in transcriptional regulation during normal and malignant hemopoiesis. Our focus is mainly on how changes in normal DNA methylation and hydroxymethylation patterns occur during malignant transformation and how these changes may contribute to the leukemogenic process. We use a combination of computational approaches based on genome-wide next generation sequencing data as well as in vitro and in vivo modeling to determine the consequences of the epigenetic lesions that we have identified.

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Latest Publications

  • Autophagy maintains the metabolism and function of young and old stem cells. View In PubMed
  • Dnmt3a regulates T-cell development and suppresses T-ALL transformation. View in PubMed
  • Epigenetic Identity in AML Depends on Disruption of Nonpromoter Regulatory Elements and Is Affected by Antagonistic Effects of Mutations in Epigenetic Modifiers. View in PubMed
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