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Men with azoospermia have no sperm in their semen and are infertile. Men may not know they have azoospermia until they try to conceive a child because it may have no obvious symptoms.

Azoospermia may be caused by:

  • Blockage in the tubes that take sperm from the testicles to the penis 
  • Cancer treatment
  • Certain medicines
  • Enlarged vein in the testicles (varicocele)
  • Hormone imbalance
  • Inherited conditions

Experts at the University of Health System offer treatment solutions, restoring your ability to father a child.


Hormone Replacement Therapy
If you have low testosterone or other hormone issues, taking hormones as pills can help improve sperm production.

You can undergo surgery to remove blockages in the tube that connect the testes to the penis (vas deferens). You may also have varicoceles repaired, leading to improved sperm production.

Sperm Retrieval Surgery
If you still produce sperm, your doctor may be able to take sperm directly from your testes to use in in-vitro fertilization procedures (where doctors take an egg and sperm and combine them in a petri dish to make an embryo, then implant the embryo in a woman’s uterus).


Semen Analysis
Your doctor can examine a sample of your semen for the presence of sperm.

Blood Tests
You may need a blood test to check your hormone levels.

Your doctor may use an ultrasound to look for blockages or enlarged veins in the testicles.

Urine Test
After you give a semen sample, you may also be asked to give a urine sample to ensure that sperm are not traveling backward in the urinary tract.

Testes Biopsy

A testes biopsy can help your doctor determine if your testes can create sperm.

Why Choose UHealth?

Innovative, expert urology care at the Desai Sethi Urology Institute. Our team of urology experts delivers advanced care for all urologic conditions. We use the latest research and the least invasive procedures to help you feel better and recover more quickly. Our experienced urologists design a personalized treatment plan to give you the best possible results.

Advanced research in men’s health. Our urologists are dedicated to men’s health and conduct innovative research into many conditions. Our expert team has helped develop new minimally invasive and robotic surgical procedures to treat cancers, incontinence, and more. We give you access to leading-edge treatments and clinical trials that aren’t widely available. In addition, we have established the eighth fellowship program in the nation dedicated solely to teaching physicians how to care for men’s health. 

Leaders in robotic surgery treatment. We have some of the world’s most experienced robotic surgeons for urologic procedures. In fact, doctors come from all over the world to learn at our Urology Robotic Program — the #1 ranked program in South Florida. The University of Miami Health System was the first academic medical center in the world to get the da Vinci Xi robotic surgery system and has completed more than 5,000 robotic surgeries — procedures that offer less pain and scarring and a faster recovery.

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