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Patient Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Specialty Medication? Page 1
Why Do I Need a Specialty Pharmacy? Page 1
How Can I Contact the UHealth Specialty Pharmacy? Page 1
How Do I Refill My Medications? Page 1
How Much Will My Medications Cost? Page 1
What If I Can’t Afford My Medications? Page 1
What if my insurance company doesn’t cover my medication? Page 1
Can I still get access to my specialty medication if I lack prescription insurance? Page 1
Does UHealth Specialty Pharmacy have access to all specialty medications that are FDA approved? Page 1
Will my insurance company let UHealth Specialty Pharmacy dispense the drug? Page 1
Will you ever substitute my medication with another? Page 1
Will UHealth Specialty Pharmacy ever call me? Page 1
What should I do if I have an adverse reaction to the medication? Page 1
Can I return my prescription? Page 1