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Survivorship Programs

“Believe in You”

This is a 4-month training program to get cancer survivors and their caregivers ready for a 5k walk or 15 miles ride for the Dolphins Challenger Cancer event on February. For more information, email us at

“You Got This”

Join our safe and supportive in-person group classes exclusively designed for cancer survivors. Our tailored program combines aerobic and resistance training, focusing on your specific needs. Experience a fun, welcoming environment where you can rebuild strength, improve fitness and connect with fellow survivors. Embrace the opportunity to exercise safely and confidently as you continue your journey towards better health and well-being.

Coming Up

  1. Text messaging program. Introducing our 8-week text messaging program designed to support you in achieving a healthier lifestyle, focusing on nutrition and exercise. Our program offers a unique approach by delivering personalized tips, reminders, and motivation straight to your phone via text messages.
    • Over the course of 8 weeks, you will receive regular text messages packed with practical advice and actionable steps to help you eat better and exercise more effectively. Want to sign up to the waitlist? Email us at
  2. Nutrition online course. Experience our virtual nutrition course, led by a registered dietitian specialized in oncology, designed exclusively for cancer survivors. This engaging program focuses on learning and adopting a healthy eating pattern to support your overall well-being. Through interactive virtual sessions, you will receive expert guidance and practical strategies to nourish your body and promote optimal health.
    Want to sign up to the waitlist? Email us at
  3. Sylvester’s Cookbook. A cookbook for cancer survivors that is culturally relevant for our South Florida population. It will feature local chefs, survivors, and Crane Lab’s recipes, along with evidence-based recommendation and practical tools to make the transition into a healthier diet easy.
  4. Cooking workshops. Monthly meetings to cook and chat about the importance of transforming your everyday cooking into healthy and nourishing dishes.


  • Support Services Events Calendar
  • Immunotherapy and fiber handout
  • Nutrition recommendations (to come)
  • Exercise recommendations (to come)
  • Survivorship and lifestyle guidebook (to come)

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