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Massage Therapy

Cancer Survivorship and Supportive Care


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Research studies have demonstrated the positive effects of massage therapy for people undergoing cancer treatments, such as chemotherapy, surgery, or radiation. At Sylvester, we offer complimentary oncology massage for those currently people receiving cancer treatment on an outpatient basis.

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Our massage therapists are licensed by the Florida Board of Massage Therapy after completing extensive training.

All of our team members have advanced training and certifications in oncology massage, manual lymphatic drainage, and different bodywork modalities. You are a partner in promoting and maintaining your health and well-being by working with you to thoroughly assess your issues, needs, and concerns, and create an individualized treatment plan.

There are many benefits to having massage therapy performed within a medical setting such as Sylvester.

Our massage therapists work collaboratively with a patient’s primary care physician or specialists to ensure they are getting appropriate care for their condition. This approach to health and wellness is one of the hallmarks of our massage therapy program.

Receiving oncology massage can:

  • Provide lymphatic support for edema and swelling
  • Decrease chemotherapy-induced neuropathy
  • Help pre- and post-operative pain
  • Ease your pain and nausea symptoms
  • Increase your range of motion in affected areas
  • Improve your energy level and overall well-being
  • Improve your sleep and ease your fatigue
  • Promote relaxation
  • Reduce anxiety and depression

If you are currently undergoing cancer treatment, we invite you to try oncology massage therapy.

A massage is the highlight of the day for many of our patients.

A relaxing massage is often referred to as the best part of their treatment plan. Often requested and rarely refused, massage allows patients to mentally escape.

We are here for you when you are most vulnerable to neuropathy, edema, anxiety, depression, and overall discomfort. Oncology massage can help relax and calm you.

How Much Does Massage Therapy Cost?

Our massage service is complimentary (no charge) to our patients, tips are not accepted. Appointments can be made directly with our office, or your doctor can refer you to our department for a session.

During your session, the specialty-trained massage therapist will provide a thorough explanation of the massage and the numerous benefits.

Your massage therapy session will take 30 minutes.

To schedule a massage therapy appointment, call 305-243-4129.

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