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The Area We Serve

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Sylvester’s catchment, or service, area is South Florida, a four-county region that spans over 10,000 square miles and is located within the Southeast “corner” of the Florida peninsula.

Access to healthcare is, in part, challenged by the unparalleled diversity in race/ethnicity, ancestry, and culture that is increasingly the hallmark of South Florida.

Nearly half of all people living in South Florida were born outside of the United States, and more than half speak a language other than English as their primary tongue.

As in Florida and across the United States, breast, colorectal, lung, and prostate cancers account for the majority of cancer deaths in South Florida.

This region is home to more than six million people, or approximately one-third of Florida’s entire population, and includes a mix of urban and rural counties. The area is broadly characterized by cancer disparity and lack of access to the formal healthcare system.

By evaluating needs of the communities and connecting directly with them, the SOOE will work to address the barriers related to cancer prevention and treatment.

We are passionate about making the difference in the health of these communities.

Beyond South Florida

Given that South Florida is the gateway to Latin America and the Caribbean, there is great interest in pursuing collaborative science throughout this region. To date, the bulk of Sylvester’s global efforts have been oriented toward building research capacity within some of the region’s low and middle income countries.

The hope is that, with time, these efforts translate to high impact science that enables understanding of how migration and immigration affect cancer risk and outcome.