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Rai Lab

Modulation of redox-protective pathways to enhance tumor suppression

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Investigator / Contact Person Priyamvada Rai, Ph.D.

Research Focus

A major focus of our research program is development of molecular strategies to activate tumor suppressor pathways such as senescence and apoptosis in cancer cells through modulation of cellular redox status and DNA repair mechanisms. These mechanisms are typically enhanced in aggressive cancers to overcome intrinsic oncogenic stress arising from elevated levels of reactive oxygen species (ROS) that mediate pro-malignant signaling pathways that drive hyperproliferation, survival, metabolic adaptation and metastasis. We pioneered  the role of the nucleotide pool-cleansing 8-oxodGTPase, MTH1, in promoting RAS-driven tumorigenesis. More recently we have shown that redox-protective mechanisms are required to protect hormone-refractory prostate tumors from oxidative stress produced by inappropriate androgen receptor activation, which is a hallmark of these incurable tumors.  

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