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What We Do

A successful transplant requires more than just finding the best possible match between donor and recipient. It also means carefully monitoring and evaluating the patient each step along the way. Our laboratories are involved at every stage of the transplant process:

Pre-transplant stage

Our technologists conduct all necessary screenings and evaluations for patients awaiting a transplant, including HLA typing, infectious diseases markers, HLA antibody profile and virtual crossmatch analysis between recipient and potential donor. We also provide anatomic pathology services to LAORA for evaluation of donor organs quality before organ allocation.

Transplant stage

Once a patient is admitted to the hospital and ready for transplantation, we conduct a variety of highly specialized tests including Flow Cytometry Crossmatch and other assays to detect HLA-specific antibodies or T-cell responses that could cause potential complications at the time of transplant.

Post-transplant stage

Once the transplant is complete, our team assists in the short-term and long-term follow up of patients, including administering all required blood tests to effectively monitor the engraftment, immune status of the transplant recipient and avoid any post-transplant immune reactions, infections or potential rejection or relapse. We additionally support transplant clinicians by evaluating allograft biopsies and providing 24/7 consultation.