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Our Mission, Vision, Values and Philosophy


Our devoted nurses play an essential role in delivering compassionate, high-quality care. Every day, they are guided by a central mission, vision, values and philosophy.

Our Mission

We seek to provide excellence in patient- and family-centered care, reducing the human burden from illness by delivering high-quality, compassionate health care, leading life-changing discoveries and transforming patient care through innovative research, education and prevention.

Our Vision

We, as UHealth nurses, will sustain and maintain professional excellence by uplifting and advancing the caring art and science of nursing. Our vision is to:

  • Be passionate in our delivery of nursing care that consistently leads to excellent outcomes within the global health care community.
  • Foster and sustain a professional nursing practice environment that attracts and retains the best of the best nurses to the profession.
  • Become a fully integrated program of patient care, education and research with an international reputation for excellence.
  • Provide new hope for patients in our extended community, which includes South Florida, the southeastern United States, the Caribbean and South America.
  • Promote efficient, community-responsive health care, and generate resources to sustain and enhance innovative health care programs.

Our Values

We will uphold the values of:

  • Excellence: To exceed the limits in accomplishments and expectations.
  • Compassion: To work and care for the welfare of others, and to alleviate suffering.
  • Respect: To recognize worth, quality, and importance of others.
  • Discovery: To embrace the never-ending quest for new knowledge and awareness.

Our Philosophy

UHealth nurses support the core values of the profession, as well as the mission, vision, values and goals of the organization. Our nurses accept the obligation to provide optimal patient care in an environment that promotes personal growth and satisfaction that is centered around successful patient outcomes.

We share a common purpose and endorse the following beliefs:

  • We believe that all nurses should practice in accordance with the American Nurses Association (ANA) Nursing Code of Ethics.
  • We believe our skills, competence and professionalism are valuable to our patients, the organization and the community.
  • We believe the essence of nursing is caring.
  • We believe we are responsible for providing competent, compassionate care to all our patients.
  • We believe we maintain an appreciation for the uniqueness of man and respect the dignity of each patient regardless of position, status, race, culture or creed.
  • We believe each nurse makes a significant contribution to patient care.
  • We believe that nurses are professionally accountable for the coordination of the provision of care.
  • We believe that nurse leaders are responsible for facilitating the clinical practice of the staff that provides direct patient care, and their involvement in the advancement of nursing practice.
  • We believe that the clinical, administrative, professional practice, education and shared governance components of the department of nursing are of distinct, but equal value and share mutually complimentary goals.
  • We believe all individuals deserve respect and should be provided opportunities for personal growth within a supportive environment.
  • We believe the success of our patient care delivery is measured by patient outcomes achieved through the application of established standards.
  • We believe physician/nurse collaborative, professional, and collegial relationships are essential to the successful patient outcomes and are maintained through mutual respect, trust, communication and teamwork.
  • We believe that the nursing department must accept responsibility for its financial integrity, and that of the organization.
  • We believe in maintaining consideration for the patient and family as a health care decision maker.
  • We believe in the role of nursing to support restoration of health, maximum achievement of wellness and comfort for a dignified end of life.
  • We believe critical thinking and scientific inquiry are essential to the continuous improvement of professional practice.
  • We believe each nurse has a personal and professional responsibility for increasing knowledge and continuously improving cognitive, technical, and interpersonal skills.
  • We believe the role of mentorship is inherent to the profession of nursing, and that research and evidence-based practice are integral parts of nursing excellence.