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The Sylvester Brain Institute strives to close the gap between pioneering research and promising treatments. We do this by exploring how cancers develop and progress and the intricacies of cellular interactions within tumors. By evaluating a tumor’s genetic profile and how it responds to medication, our researchers identify changes at the molecular level. In this way, we develop customized treatment plans using the latest evidence-based protocols.

As our patient, you have access to a variety of ongoing clinical trials and a team of multidisciplinary experts. This provides the resources you need, in one location, to achieve your best possible outcome. By working with our team, you also help other cancer patients – now and in the future.

Even as we pursue excellence, we haven’t left the personal touch out of precision medicine. Sylvester’s Brain Tumor Initiative provides education, guidance and support. Our clinical trials and published scientific research may be complex, but the motivation behind them is simple: providing the best possible patient care.

Here is a brief overview of our research initiatives and how they help patients:

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To read about our current clinical trials and eligibility requirements, please click here.

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