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Can Pregabalin Reduce the Frequency and Severity of Dry Eye Symptoms After Laser-assisted in Situ Keratomileusis?

Principal Investigator

Anat Galor

Clinical Trial ID

Institutional Protocol # 20160095
National Clinical Trials Identifier NCT02701764

Clinical Trial Summary


Phase 2/Phase 3

Funding Agency/Sponsor




Enrollment Eligibility

Inclusion Criteria:
- 18 and 65 years of age
- undergoing LASIK (unilateral or bilateral procedure).
- Females of child-bearing age will need a negative urine or serum pregnancy test at the
screening visit.
- ocular and systemic medication regimen has been stable for 3 months
Exclusion Criteria:
- Pregnant or lactating, participating in another study with an investigational drug
within one month prior to screening
- Using gabapentin, pregabalin, anti-convulsants, duloxetine, venlafaxine (SNRI), or
tri-cyclic antidepressants
- have a history of allergic, anaphylactic reaction, or severe systemic response to
pregabalin or gabapentin
- use corticosteroids chronically or during the month prior to surgery, or have a
history of corneal disease (HSV or varicella zoster keratitis, prior corneal incisions
(cataract surgery, radial keratotomy, LASIK), prior corneal ulcer).
- patients with systemic co-morbidities that may confound DE such as HIV, sarcoidosis,
graft-versus host disease or a collagen vascular disease.
- Adults unable to consent
- Individuals who are not yet adults (infants, children, teenagers)
- Prisoners

Accepts Healthy Volunteers

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Contact Information

Study Contact Anat Galor
Phone Number 305-243-2647
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