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Use and Access

What information will be shared:

  • Except for your personal information, the details you share in your story , once published, will be accessible via the internet. This means that your information will be accessible to anyone visiting our website.
  • In addition, as our site is scanned regularly by Internet search engines, your information may be found when searching the web via Google or other reputable search engines.

What we may do with the information you share with us:

  • By providing your story to us through this site, you authorize us to publish your story on UHealth digital properties including websites, e-newsletters and social media.

Uses that may not be able to be controlled by UHealth:

  • Individuals or organizations may find your story helpful or interesting and choose to link to it from their own websites. Owners of other personal and corporate websites do not need to ask our permission to link to our website. As a result, you may find your story linked from other sites on the web.
  • If this were to happen, please consider this to be a compliment to your ability to write a compelling story and an indication that what you have shared is helping others both on our website and around the world.

For additional information:


Share Your Story

Please share your story with us and how Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center has made a difference in your life.