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Fox Cancer Research Building 308 (D4-11)
Frank J. Penedo, Ph.D.

Frank J. Penedo, Ph.D.

  • Professor
  • Associate Director, Cancer Survivorship & Behavioral Translational Sciences Director, Cancer Survivorship Program Co-Leader, Cancer Control Research Program
  • Psychology
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Dr. Penedo’s work evaluates the role of sociocultural, biobehavioral, and psychosocial mechanisms underlying disease activity and health outcomes, and the efficacy of evidence-based psychosocial interventions in promoting optimal chronic disease management and health outcomes in cancer. His work also involves translational research evaluating the impact of symptom and toxicities monitoring and management in ambulatory oncology, the patient reported outcomes (PROs) in survivorship care, precision oncology, and phase-1 trials, as well as the implementation of evidence-based behavioral interventions delivered within health systems and the community to improve patient and system level outcomes.