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Kim Lab

Facilitating Adjustment to Medical Illness in Your Family Research Lab

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Investigator / Contact Person Youngmee Kim


Stress coregulation of cancer in the family: This NIH-funded project investigates the degree to which one's cancer experience (as a patient or a family caregiver) affects not only one's own health but also their partner's. We test this coregulation phenomenon with cardiovascular, neuroendocrine reactivity, and sleep markers, using laboratory experimental and longitudinal study design. 

IPOS online survey: This global project aims to gauge health professionals current involvement in clinical services and research with cancer patients/survivors and their family caregivers, and to measure unmet  needs for providing optimal care to this population globally.

Ethnic disparities in the impact of cancer on health risk of cancer patients and their caregivers:
This ACS-Funded project addresses health risks in family caregivers and their patients with colorectal cancer by identifying behavioral and biological pathways and examining the impact of ethnic and psychosocial factors.