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Pollack Lab

Prostate Cancer Radiation Treatment and Biomarkers

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Investigator / Contact Person Alan Pollack

Research Focus

Dr. Pollack's research interests center on the therapeutic management of prostate cancer, with an emphasis on applying biomarkers, including quantitative imaging, tissue genomic, and liquid biopsy markers, to identify prostate characteristics that determine outcome. These precision medicine studies are being applied to the selection of prostate cancer patients across a wide spectrum of disease, including candidates for active surveillance, a group that is a focus of his NCI funding. Dr. Pollack also co-leads the NCI consortium on imaging and biomarkers, and the genitourinary translational research program in the NRG cooperative group. He is an active clinical trialist who has lead Phase I, II, and III studies. A key emphasis of ongoing trials and his laboratory is the integration of quantitative multiparametric MRI to better risk classify habitats in the prostate, assess tumor heterogeneity, direct prostate biopsies, and target radiotherapy delivery.

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