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Brain and Spine Tumors (Pediatrics)

Sylvester’s Alex’s Place

More than simply a treatment site for children with cancer and blood diseases, alex’s place is a space designed to empower our young patients and support their families.

Our experienced, multidisciplinary team provides comprehensive care to diagnose and treat brain and spine tumors in children. Brain and spine tumors require complex care, so your child’s team includes experts in cancer, physical and cognitive rehabilitation, psychology, and other areas to provide complete care.

Your child’s care team develops a personalized treatment plan that offers the best possible results, including rehabilitative therapy to help them return to daily activities and school. We offer long-term follow-up care to ensure their health and well-being.

Why Choose Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center?

Sylvester is an NCI-designated cancer center. The National Cancer Institute has recognized Sylvester for its outstanding work conducting research in its laboratories, treating patients in its clinics and hospitals, and reaching out to medically underserved communities with innovative prevention strategies.

South Florida's only university-based pediatric stem-cell transplant program. We serve children in South Florida, Latin America, and the Caribbean through our national affiliations. Your child has access to a wider base of donors and clinical trials involving stem cell transplant to increase chances of a successful transplant.

A multidisciplinary team approach. Your child’s care team includes pediatric cancer doctors, oncology nurses, nurse practitioners, social workers, hearing and speech therapists, teachers, child life specialists, and others to offer comprehensive care and support. We help improve your child’s quality of life.

Personalized recommendations. We keep you and your child’s goals in mind when developing screening and treatment schedules. Whether there’s a family history of particular cancers or you want to ensure your child’s health long term, you get personalized attention.

Questions? We're here to help.

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  • ViewRay real-time MRI-guided radiation therapy

    The Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center is one of only five medical centers in the country with this technology. If you move during treatment, it stops and recalibrates, so only the precise treatment area gets the radiation, sparing healthy tissues.

  • Gamma Knife

    Sylvester has experience with this non-invasive stereotactic radiosurgery instrument that uses precisely focused beams of radiation to get rid of malignant and nonmalignant tumors, as well as vascular and functional disorders in the brain. This protects nearby healthy tissue. It is an alternative to traditional brain surgery and whole brain radiation therapy for the treatment of complex, difficult brain conditions.

  • Clinical Trials

    Biological therapy takes advantage of materials made by the patient's own body or in a laboratory. In a clinical trial, the biologic therapies stimulate the patient's immune system to fight disease. Brain tumor vaccines are now being studied.


Using the most sophisticated of imaging techniques, Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center specialists can determine the exact size and placement of a brain or spinal cord tumor for targeting treatment.

  • MR spectroscopy

    Also known as nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy, it is a non-invasive, ionizing-radiation-free analytical technique. MR spectroscopy is used to study metabolic changes in brain tumors and other diseases affecting the brain.

  • PET-CT

    This is a nuclear medicine technique which combines a positron emission tomography (PET) scanner and an x-ray computed tomography (CT) scanner. Images are collected from both devices in the same session. These images are superimposed (placed together) to show the brain's biochemical activity and physical appearance. This technology is not available everywhere.

Accepted Insurances

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