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Gifts of Stock

Gifts of stock and bonds are welcomed at the University of Miami; however, these gifts require special planning and consultation with your professional financial advisor and the University of Miami staff. The University recommends that donors who have decided to make a gift of securities, please contact the Sylvester Development office at 305-243-9088. A development team member will help provide transfer instructions.

Gifts of appreciated securities typically carry benefits not associated with gifts made by check, cash or credit card:

  • You avoid capital gains tax. Any gain is taxable if you sell stock or mutual fund shares yourself, but not if you transfer ownership to the University.
  • Your charitable deduction for federal income tax purposes is based on the full, fair market value of the shares on the date the gift is made.
  • You receive credit from UM for the full fair market value of the shares, but the cost to you is only your original purchase price.

For additional information on appreciated securities for estate and gift planning, visit our University of Miami Estate & Gift Planning website or contact the Office of Estate and Gift Planning at 800-529-6935.