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Mission, Vision & Values

Sylvester Mission

We seek to reduce the human burden from cancer and other serious illnesses through research, education, prevention, and the delivery of quality patient care.

Sylvester Vision

Sylvester will become a fully integrated program of patient care, education, and research with an international reputation for excellence.

Sylvester will provide new hope for cancer patients in our extended community, which includes South Florida, the southeastern United States, the Caribbean, and South America.

Sylvester will promote efficient, community-responsive health care, and generate resources to sustain and enhance innovative cancer programs.

Sylvester Values

Excellence: To exceed the limits in accomplishments and expectations
Compassion: To work and care for the welfare of others, and to alleviate suffering
Respect: To recognize worth, quality, and importance of others
Discovery: To embrace the never-ending quest for new knowledge and awareness

“May hope run eternal in us all”
Harcourt Sylvester Jr., 1992

Harcourt Sylvester Jr.