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Lung and Chest Cancer


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Cancers that occur in the chest area include different types of lung cancer, mesothelioma (found in the lining, or “mesothelium” surrounding the lungs) and complex mediastinal tumors. The mediastinum is the cavity between your lungs that contains your heart and its blood vessels, part of your windpipe, and your thymus gland. Tumors can arise in all those areas. Often, tumors are misdiagnosed as other diseases, such as pneumonia.

Why Choose Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center?

Sylvester is an NCI-designated cancer center. Early detection of lung cancer with a low-dose computed tomography (CT) and expert multidisciplinary care can potentially boosts lung cancer survival rates by 20 percent in high-risk patients.

First Lung Cancer Screening Center of Excellence in the South Florida region sanctioned by the Lung Cancer Alliance of America, and is a designated American College of Radiology (ACR) Lung Cancer Screening Center. This expertise potentially boosts lung cancer survival rates by 20 percent in select patients.

Robotic video-assisted surgery program ranked among top 10 in the Southeast. This sophisticated approach means decreased blood loss in surgery, shorter hospital stays and higher survival rates on average for appropriate patients.

Advanced radiation therapy options, like proton therapy, and RapidArc®, offer intensity modulated external radiation therapy (IMRT). Our leading-edge technology offers shorter treatment times, pinpoint accuracy in tumor targeting, and less damage to surrounding healthy tissue.

More cancer clinical trials than any other South Florida hospital. If appropriate for your cancer and stage, our clinical trials provide you with the very newest ways to treat and potentially cure your cancer.

Multidisciplinary care teams with nationally recognized expertise. Collaboration saves lives. Your care team is made up of experts in your exact type of cancer and every single aspect of it. And, your doctors talk to each other.

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