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Promotional Banner for Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center Global Oncology and International Programs
Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center participated in The Economist War on Cancer LATAM. 

War on Cancer LATAM: Shared struggles, collective success

From prevention to palliation, The Economist Group’s War on Cancer initiative aims to uncover innovative ways to fund cancer care, and evaluate technologies, policies and scientific discoveries that could help benefit patients and restrain cancer’s lethal spread.

Through in-depth discussions taking place across the world, we examined financing mechanisms and models to pay for cancer-control plans, improving access and outcomes for patients in the process. We considered ways to engage private-sector insurers and investors to help fund transparent, standardized, market-based cancer-care pathways, and evaluate what level of public investment and type of policies are required to support their development. We then casted our gaze into the future, examining the innovations that are changing the way cancer is studied and treated, and envision what type of collaborations must happen now to make winning the war against cancer an achievable goal.

The aim of this initiative is to catalyse global action: to bring together governments, health-care providers, scientists, technologists and leading thinkers for action-oriented discussions about bridging the gap in cancer funding and reducing the barriers to quality care for all.