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Antoni Lab

Stress Management, Adaptation and Biobehavioral Processes

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Investigator / Contact Person Michael Antoni, Ph.D.

Research Focus

Transdisciplinary research developing and testing cognitive-behavioral stress management (CBSM) interventions designed to improve psychosocial adaptation (affect, distress), quality of life and health outcomes (symptom management and long-term survival) in cancer patients; and examining the role of putative psychosocial (coping, social support) and biobehavioral  (neuroendocrine, inflammatory and anti-viral immune functioning) mechanisms to explain these effects.  The work creates theory-based interventions (relaxation, cognitive restructuring, interpersonal skills training) tested in randomized trials with patients (breast and prostate cancer) who are at some point in their treatment (post-surgical or post-adjuvant therapy), and following them over the course of treatment and survivorship to monitor self-reported psychosocial status, biological status and medical outcome data. Intervention formats include culturally-adapted live groups, DVD, eHealth, mHeath and virtual reality venues.

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