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Barredo Lab

Pediatric Hematology-Oncology Laboarotry

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Investigator / Contact Person Julio Barredo

Research Focus

Dr. Barredo's laboratory focuses on tumor metabolism and exploiting the metabolic vulnerabilities of ALL lymphoblasts for therapeutic gain in relapsed/refractory childhood and adolescent & young adults with this disease and other acute leukemias. His more recent work uncovered that ALL cells are vulnerable to the induction of cell death via ER stress/UPR mediated mechanisms. This finding was translated into an IIT using metformin in combination with chemotherapy for relapsed/refractory ALL. Mechanistically his laboratory has focused on the role of AMPK as a regulator of survival adaptation to energy/metabolic stress and identified the synthetic lethality of co-targeting several AMPK regulated pathways. More recently, his laboratory has identified AMPK-dependent and independent epigenetically regulated genes in ALL cells undergoing energy metabolic stress. Ongoing investigations of this epigenetic signature will identify survival responses and novel targets for translation.

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