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Blomberg Lab

Immune Regulation: Effects of Aging, Inflammation, and Obesity

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Investigator / Contact Person Bonnie B. Blomberg, Ph.D.

Research Focus

Dr. Blomberg's laboratory studies how aging and obesity affect the immune and vaccine responses in mice and humans. We have developed molecular biomarkers for optimal B lymphocyte function, which decrease with age and have shown that inflammation systemically (serum) and in unstimulated B cells increases with age in mice and humans and negatively affects their function. These studies have recently extended to contributors to inflammation including obesity and mechanisms for antibody and B cell function generated in adipose tissue.

In collaboration with Drs. Antoni and Penedo for breast and prostate cancer respectively, they found decreased inflammation, improved immune measures, and increased survival (currently for breast cancer) in those doing CBSM (cognitive behavioral stress management).

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