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Caban-Martinez Lab

Occupational Cancers, Environmental Exposures and Occupational Epidemiology

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Investigator / Contact Person Alberto J. Caban-Martinez, Ph.D., D.O., M.P.H.

Research Focus

The work environment plays an important role in worker health whether through possible exposures to job hazards or stress on the job, or through supportive social networks and opportunities to build self-esteem. There is mounting evidence that worksite cancer prevention interventions that integrate worksite health promotion and occupational health and safety are effective in promoting changes in cancer risk-related behaviors, particularly for first responders. Dr. Caban-Martinez's research aims to conduct robust occupational and environmental health surveillance activities and provide rigorous scientific evidence about effective ways to reduce carcinogenic exposures and prevent cancer. We focus on finding ways to promote safe work practices, healthy behaviors and healthy work environments. We are especially concerned about redressing disparities in cancer risk, whether by race/ethnicity, gender or occupation.

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