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Galoian Lab

Musculoskeletal oncology sarcoma signal transduction

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Investigator / Contact Person Karina Galoian

Research Focus

Humoral PathwaySarcomas are associated with high mortality levels which makes them one of the most challenging tumors in oncology. Moreover, they are not responding well to chemotherapy and radiation. Musculoskeletal Oncology signal transduction laboratory is specialized in sarcoma research and exploring highly promising neuropeptides as a potential therapy in sarcoma treatment. Understanding the molecular pathways leading to malignant transformation of progenitor mesenchymal cells, signaling and epigenetic pathways involved in sarcomagenesis, the role of cancer stem cells in disease recurrence and drug resistance is the primary focus of Dr. Galoians laboratory. PRP-1 and its analog neuropeptides significantly inhibit sarcoma growth by targeting cancer stem cells responsible for disease recurrence and drug resistance.

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