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Discovery of Novel Brain Tumor Treatments

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Investigator / Contact Person Michael Edward Ivan, M.D., M.B.S., FAANS


Dr. Ivan combines clinical and basic science research to accelerate the bench to bedside approach in neuro-oncology.  The goal of the lab is to discover new biomarkers, drug delivery methods, and treatments for brain tumors.  After successful removal of brain tumors, tissue is brought to the Ivan Lab where patient derived stem cell cultures and xenografts are developed.  This allows a personalized medicine approach to the discovery of brain tumor treatment, which translates in to improved success for laboratory prediction of patient tumor response. Current projects with this approach are listed above.

All projects are truly translational in that they either contain a clinical component or are planned to be in a clinical phase shortly.

Clinical research is also ongoing to understand and improve outcomes in brain tumor therapy.  Ongoing clinical research includes the investigation of minimally invasive brain tumor management with state of the art treatments, including endoscopic approaches, laser interstitial thermal therapy, fluorescence guided surgery, and radiosurgery.

Many thanks to the many collaborative efforts as well as the financial support of the:  SCCC, NREF, NASBS, American Cancer Society, and the Elsa Pardee Cancer Foundation.