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Ivan Lab

Discovery of Novel Brain Tumor Treatments

Contact Us

Investigator / Contact Person Michael Edward Ivan, M.D., M.B.S., FAANS

Research Focus

The Ivan Laboratory focuses on development and discovery of novel brain tumor treatments.

Current projects include:

  1. Understanding the epigenetic landscape in glioblastoma for predicting prognosis and treatment
  2. Investigation of the invasive properties involved in the tumor mircoenviroment
  3. Laser interstitial thermal therapy for improving brain tumor control
  4. Combining epigenetic targets with nonlytic retroviral replicating vectors for glioma control.  (a collaborative project with the Kasahara Lab
  5. Serum Biomarkers for glioblastoma (a collaborative project with the Ayad Lab)
  6. Novel treatment methods for predicting outcomes and controlling growth of acoustic neuromas (a collaborative project with the Dinh Lab)
  7. Nanotechnology for improving the drug delivery through the Blood Brain Barrier (a collaborative project with the Dhar Lab)

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