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Merchan Lab

Oncolytic Virotherapy; Stromal Targeted Therapies

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Investigator / Contact Person Jaime Rafael Merchan, M.D.

Research Focus

Dr. Merchan primary laboratory interests are focused on the development of novel treatment strategies for advanced solid tumors, with an emphasis in renal cell carcinoma (RCC) and angiogenesis-dependent tumors. Such strategies include the use of tumor and stromal targeted oncolytic viruses, alone and in combination with targeted agents to enhance viral replication and oncolysis, as well as with immunomodulatory agents, to potentiate the virus’ induced immunomodulatory effects. He is actively investigating positive and negative changes in tumor and stromal, immune and non-immune pathways, to identify potential new targets for virus-drug combination therapies in syngeneic and xenograft cancer models. His translational/clinical research interests involve performing early phase therapeutic clinical trials for patients with advanced malignancies with a focus on novel oncolytic virla platforms and new generation immunotherapeutic agents.

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