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Nagathihalli Lab

Pancreatic Carcinogenesis

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Investigator / Contact Person Nagaraj Nagathihalli

Research Focus

To study molecular events and pathways in relation to DNA damage-dependent chemotheraputic resistance in pancreatic cancer. 

Investigating whether cells exposed to genotoxic damage in vitro and in vivo can engage well-described cell cycle arrest and apoptotic programs, as well as the physiological stress response pathways leading to survival signaling. 

Investigation on how CAMP response element binding protein (CREB) activates target genes downstream of cytokine/chemokine signaling and integrates signals from diverse cellular events to regulate the transcription of key target genes in pancreatic cancer. 

Understanding the role of CREB in pancreatic cancer development, progression and chemotherapeutic resistance, and how it may be a target for rational therapy.

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