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Nagathihalli Lab

Pancreatic Cancer Progression, Regulation and Therapeutics

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Investigator / Contact Person Nagaraj Nagathihalli, Ph.D.

Research Focus

Dr. Nagathihalli's research laboratory has a long-standing interest in the signaling pathways controlling tumorigenesis and therapeutic resistance with a special focus on the interface with risk factors in pancreatic cancer. Specifically, he is interested to understand how specific risk factors (tobacco smoking, alcohol) and mutations (Kras, p53, Smad4) influence the initiation, progression, and maintenance of pancreatic cancer by regulating signaling and therapy resistance using a multi-faceted approach that includes the application of gene array analyses, kinome profiling, chemical and genetic screenings, and state-of-the-art model systems [genetically engineered mouse models, organoids (PDOs), patient-derived cell lines (PDCs) and xenografts (PDXs)]. His laboratory has regularly made impactful contributions to the role of CREB, STAT3, ERK, PI3K, EGFR, and Src in cell signaling. Using a multifaceted approach of CRISPR CAS9-based genome editing and pancreas-specific knock-out mouse models, their laboratory works to understand the biology of tumor cell-intrinsic CREB in shaping the tumor immune landscape of this malignancy.

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