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Strbo lab

Cancer vaccine development

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Investigator / Contact Person Natasa Strbo

Research Focus

We think that the success of complete tumor rejection is in combined therapeutic approach: combining the most potent multi-epitope specific CD8 CTL vaccine with the most potent reversal of tumor induced immune suppression. In this combination multi-epitope specific CD8 CTL are generated by gp96-Ig-secreting tumor cells which now can perform their task of killing tumor cells without interference by tumor induced suppression signals.  We are using engineered tumor cells secreted fusion protein, gp96-Ig, and testing it as CTL-inducing vaccine.  Currently we are also investigating the novel approach of using anti-hypoxia in combination with gp96-Ig vaccination. Effectiveness of gp96-Ig vaccination in combination with 60% oxygen for the treatment of large established tumor burdens is highly innovative and we believe the combination therapy with gp96-Ig may foretell a break through with significant impact on the cancer field with benefits for patients.

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