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Brain and Spine Tumors


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The human brain is a critically important part of the body   it makes us who we are. It’s the center of our senses. The spinal cord and nerves deliver messages back and forth between the brain and every other part of our body.

There are many different types of brain, spine, and central nervous system tumors. Whether your tumor is found to be benign (non-cancerous) or malignant (cancerous), it needs prompt treatment. As brain tumors grow, they can push into and destroy healthy brain tissue. This is often a disabling and sometimes fatal condition. For this reason, doctors usually speak of "brain tumors" rather than "brain cancers."

Brain and spinal cord tumors occur in both adults and children. However, the types of tumors that form, and the way they are treated, are different. Your prognosis, or chance of recovery, will depend on many factors, including your age, the tumor size, tumor type, and where the tumor is within your brain or central nervous system.

As part of your collaborative care team, Sylvester oncologists pair with expert neurosurgeons at the Brain Tumor Initiative and the University of Miami Health System. The neurosurgical team sees more than 14,000 patients each year and performs more than 4,000 surgeries. Through multi-disciplinary cooperation, our team employs state-of-the-art procedures, such as awake craniotomies.

Conditions and Treatments

Why Choose Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center?

Intrathecal chemotherapy for appropriate brain and neurological cancer. For some tumors, this approach can offer greater accuracy and safety than traditional chemotherapy. Intrathecal chemotherapy delivers therapeutic medicines directly into the tumor through a dissolving wafer.

Targeted cancer therapies. Our experts offer more options than others to eliminate your cancer and stop it from coming back.

Gamma Knife Radiosurgery for inoperable brain tumors. This non-surgical, innovative approach can offer treatment for small tumors when surgery isn’t recommended.

More options for treatment-resistant tumors. If chemotherapy or radiation therapy do not work for your cancer, we will explore the newest clinical research breakthroughs to help you beat cancer.

Advanced radiation therapy tools. Sylvester is one of only five medical centers in the country with ViewRay — MRI-guided radiation therapy. And, our RapidArc® radiotherapy system delivers intensity modulated external radiation therapy (IMRT). This leads to more efficient and effective treatments, shorter treatment times, pinpoint accuracy in tumor targeting, and less damage to surrounding healthy tissue.

Promising new treatments through clinical trials. We have more cancer clinical trials than any other South Florida hospital. If appropriate for your cancer and stage, our clinical trials provide the newest ways to treat and potentially cure your cancer. Clinical trials can also provide more options for treatment-resistant tumors.

Only designated Cancer Center of Excellence in South Florida. We treat cancer, and only cancer, giving you the best potential outcomes. You can be confident knowing you are in the best possible place to treat your cancer in South Florida.

A collaborative approach from a multidisciplinary team. Your care team is made up of experts in every single aspect of your disease, including experts in the newest molecular and genetic treatments.

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