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Complex Surgical Oncology Fellowship Program

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Fellowship Program Director

Nipun Merchant, M.D.

Fellowship Associate Program Director

Neha Goel, MD

Program Manager

Zusel Matos, MHSA
Phone: 305-585-1280

The University of Miami/Jackson Health System Complex General Surgical Oncology Fellowship Training Program began in 1976. The aim of the fellowship is to train clinical and academic leaders in the multidisciplinary management of the cancer patient. Fellows are trained broadly and intensively in the art of science of cancer surgery and multidisciplinary management of cancer patients. This includes participation in multidisciplinary treatment planning and other conferences. The frame of mind and practice habits favoring early multidisciplinary management with other cancer care disciplines in the decision-making in a patient’s care is of paramount importance. The day-to-day exercise of this paradigm is key to its adoption by trainees. Fellows acquire expertise and appropriate experience in the preoperative, operative and postoperative management of the entire range of cancers managed by surgical oncologists. Over the two years, fellows spend time in clinical oncology training and are afforded ample opportunities for integrated basic, translational, clinical, outcomes, disparities and health services-related research.