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Application Information

Application deadline: March 2, 2020

View the full Request for Applications and submit your application.


Applicants must:

  • Be a junior faculty clinical researcher at Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center who completed subspecialty training within the last five years and is board-certified or board-eligible in one of the following clinical oncology disciplines: surgical, medical, radiation, gynecologic, urologic, head and neck, or pediatric oncology.
  • Be a US citizen, non-citizen national, or permanent resident (due to requirements of the K12 grant).
  • Devote 75% effort to clinical research (may be reduced to 50% for surgical specialties) for the two-year K12 term.
  • Have the support of a mentor approved by the program. 
  • Not currently hold a mentored career development grant (e.g., ACS career award, K series); not have major independent grants (R01, P01, P50, or other equivalent research grant awards). 

Application Requirements

A written application will be required from each candidate, including the items listed below. The application should not exceed the page length recommendations below. (Items without page length recommendations are excluded from the page limit.) 

  • Grant summary (1/2 page): Provide an abstract of the proposed research project, summarizing clinical need, hypothesis, aims, and clinical significance of potential findings.
  • Personal statement (1/2 page): Explain long-term career goals and short-term objectives. 
  • Career development plan (2 pages): Describe an individualized training program, including:
    • Required K12 curriculum coursework
    • Graduate-level coursework, including coursework in pursuit of an MS or MPH degree; include specific courses that you plan to take to enhance your training and development
    • Participation in relevant short courses, such as informatics, scientific writing, and granstmanship 
    • A training overview table and project timeline with planned curriculum courses (see Appendices B and C in the full Request for Applications)
  • Research project (2 pages): Describe the proposed clinical research project. 
  • Budget and justification: Prepare a detailed budget and justification with your departmental administrator. A start date by June 1, 2019, is expected.
  • Selection of mentor(s) (1 page): Provide rationale for this choice; qualifications of mentor(s); plans for mentored project(s) to be conducted, including how the applicant’s approach will differ from that of the mentor(s) and how the applicant’s approach will complement that of the mentor(s). 
  • Biosketch in NIH format
  • CV in UM Format
  • 3 letters of recommendation:
    1. Chief/Chairman: Include a detailed plan for assuring 75% protected time for clinical research (may be reduced to 50% for surgical specialties) and plans for career and leadership development of the awardee.
    2. Mentor(s): Include plans for career and leadership development of the awardee and a specific statement of sufficient time and dedication to development of the awardee.
    3. One additional letter of recommendation from a previous mentor or other individual familiar with the applicant’s potential.

How to Apply

Please apply at:

K12 Calabresi Clinical Oncology Research Career Development Program – 2020 Application 

For questions, contact Vaughn Edelson, Senior Project Manager at or 305-243-2287.


March 2, 2020  Applications due
April 13, 2020 Notification of candidates
April 30, 2020 Welcome meeting
 June 1, 2020 Scholars start date