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Zubrod Memorial Lecture

21st Annual Zubrod Memorial Lecture & Sylvester Cancer Research Poster Session

For more information please contact the Office of Education & Training at or 305-243-2287

Distinguished Lecturer:

Karen Vousden, Ph.D.
May 15, 2020
For UM faculty, staff and students who would like to view the video of these lectures, please click on the ones with (*) next to the name of the presenter.  You can also visit our Zubrod channel on Office 365 Stream by searching for Zubrod (login required).

Zubrod Lecturer: Titia de Lange, PhD
Year of lecture: 2019
Lecture Title: "Telomeres and the DNA damage response".

Zubrod Lecturer: James P. Allison, PhD*
Year of lecture: 2018
Lecture Title: “Immune Checkpoint Blockade in Cancer Therapy: New Insights, Opportunities, and Prospects for Cures

Zubrod Lecturer: Carl June, MD*
Year of lecture: 2017
Lecture Title: “Self-driving CARs: Safer Cancer Therapy

Zubrod Lecturer: Robert A. Weinberg, PhD
Year of lecture: 2016
Lecture Title: “Mechanism of Carcinoma Malignant Progression

Zubrod Lecturer: Arul M. Chinnaiyan, MD, PhD
Year of lecture: 2015
Lecture Title: “The Application of Integrative Sequencing for Precision Oncology

Zubrod Lecturer: Kenneth C. Anderson, MD
Year of lecture: 2014
Lecture Title: “New Insights into Therapeutic Targets in Multiple Myeloma

Zubrod Lecturer: James R. Downing, MD
Year of lecture: 2013
Lecture Title: “The Pediatric Cancer Genome Project – Implications of Clinical Medicine

Zubrod Lecturer: Ronald Levy, MD
Year of lecture: 2012
Lecture Title: “Immunotherapy of Lymphoma

Zubrod Lecturer: Vishva Dixit, MD
Year of lecture: 2011
Lecture Title: “Lessons from Death Signaling

Zubrod Lecturer: Mario R. Capecchi, PhD
Year of lecture: 2010
Lecture Title: “Modeling Human Cancer in the Mouse

Zubrod Lecturer: Bert W. O’Malley, MD
Year of lecture: 2009
Lecture Title: “Nuclear Receptor Coactivators: ‘Master Genes’ and Targets of Disease

Zubrod Lecturer: Tyler Jacks, PhD
Year of lecture: 2008
Lecture Title: “Modeling Cancer in the Mouse

Zubrod Lecturer: Susan Band Horwitz, PhD
Year of lecture: 2007
Lecture Title: “Taxol, Tublin and Tumors: Challenges in the New Era of Chemotherapy

Zubrod Lecturer: Judah Folkman, MD
Year of lecture: 2006
Lecture Title: “Lessons from Antiangiogenic Therapy and Other Diseases

Zubrod Lecturer: Rainer F. Storb, MD
Year of lecture: 2005
Lecture Title: “Allogeneic Stem Cell Transplantation 1965-2005: Advancing Knowledge, Saving Lives

Zubrod Lecturer: Carlos L. Arteaga, MD
Year of lecture: 2004
Lecture Title: “From Sarcoma Growth Factor to TGF-beta Targeted Therapeutics in Human Neoplasia

Zubrod Lecturer: Ralph M. Steinman, MD
Year of lecture: 2003
Lecture Title: “The Control of Immunity and Tolerance by Dendritic Cells

Zubrod Lecturer: Stanley Korsmeyer, MD
Year of lecture: 2002
Lecture Title: “Mitochondrial Gateway to Apoptosis

Zubrod Lecturer: Craig B. Thompson, MD
Year of lecture: 2001
Lecture Title: “Does Apoptosis Play a Role in the Etiology or Treatment of Cancer

Zubrod Lecturer: Steven A. Rosenberg, MD, PhD
Year of lecture: 2000
Lecture Title: “The Development of Cancer Vaccines