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Avulsion Fracture

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Your bones are connected to each other through ligaments and connected to your muscles through tendons. In an avulsion fracture, the bone is broken when a ligament or tendon pulls off part of the bone.

Avulsion fractures are more common in children due to their growing bodies. The part of the bone where growth takes place, called the growth plate, may be weaker than other areas of bone. When tendons or ligaments connect near the growth plate, they may fracture the bone when a child suffers an injury. Fractures are more likely to occur when a tendon or ligament is suddenly pulled away from the direction the bone is traveling, such as twisting the foot when tripping.


Physical Exam
Your child’s doctor may examine the injured area to look for signs of a fracture like pain or swelling.

An X-ray can show if part of the bone has been pulled away.


Pain Medicines
Your child’s doctor may prescribe pain medicines to help reduce pain and inflammation after the injury.

If the bone is not pulled very far away, it will likely heal on its own. Your child may need to wear a cast during healing to protect the bone and keep it in place.

Cold Therapy
Your child can use cold packs on the injury to help reduce pain and swelling.

Your child will need to give their body plenty of time to rest and heal. With proper rest and casting, most avulsion fractures can heal without surgery.

If a large fragment of bone is more than few centimeters away from where it should be, your child may need surgery to put it back into place. If the growth plate is injured, your child may also need surgery to ensure the bone heals correctly. Injuries to the growth plate that aren’t treated can prevent bones from growing in the future.

Physical Therapy
While your child heals from the injury or surgery, they will need to complete physical therapy exercises to rebuild strength and range of motion safely. 

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