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Distinguished Collaboration Series

The Distinguished Collaboration Series (DCS) is a new lecture format from a team of distinguished internal speakers. The lectures focus on different aspects of the same scientific/clinical problem and explores the interrelationships between basic cancer research and clinical medicine.

Distinguished Collaborations Lectures 2019-20

Drs. Michael Antoni (Lead) and Bonnie Blomberg
BIO BEHAVIORAL METRICS - "Examining the Effects of Stress Processes and Stress Management on Biobehavioral Processes and Health Outcomes in Breast cancer"

Distinguished Collaborations Lectures 2018-19

Drs. Andrew Maudsley (Lead), Michael Ivan and Antonio Omuro
BRAIN TUMORS - “Advances in Brain Tumor Imaging”

Drs. Priyamvada Rai (Lead), Dao Nguyen and Marcus Cooke
LUNG - “Oxidation in the nucleotide pool as a novel therapeutic target in RAS-driven lung cancer”

Drs. Joseph Rosenblatt (Lead) and Sundaram Ramakrishnan
MIMICRY/VASCULOGENESIS - “Targeting Tumor Vasculogenic Mimicry and Invasion; Endostatin Revisited”

Distinguished Collaborations Lectures 2017-18

Drs. Marc Lippman (Lead) and Barry Hudson
BREAST/TUMOR MICROENVIRONMENT – “Targeting RAGE as a novel therapy for breast cancer”

Drs. Paolo Serafini (Lead), Donald Weed, and Natasa Strbo
IMMUNOTHERAPY – “Disrupting tumor immunosuppression and priming immune response in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma”

Drs. Maria Abreu (Lead), Joyce Slingerland, and Daniel Sussman
COLORECTAL – “Can we target innate immune pathways in the prevention or treatment of colorectal cancer?”

Distinguished Collaborations Lectures 2016-17

Drs. Jonathan Trent (Lead), David Robbins, and Josiane Eid
SARCOMA – “WNT Pathway and its Inhibition in Sarcoma”

Drs. Brian Slomovitz (Lead), Sophia George, and Rachel Silva-Smith
BRCA RELATED CANCER – “Advances in the management of hereditary ovarian cancer: homologous repair deficiency mutation and their implications on prevention and treatment”

Drs. Allan Pollack (Lead), Radka Stoyanova, and Sanoj Punnen
CASTRATION RESISTANT PROSTATE CANCER – “Quantitative multiparametric MRI as an adjunct to prostate cancer precision diagnosis and management”

Drs. Ronan Swords (Lead), Ramin Shiekhattar, and Arthur Zelent
LEUKEMIA/EPIGENETIC – “Targeting the Lysine Demethylase LSD1 in Acute Myeloid Leukemia”

Drs. William Harbour (Lead), Nicolas Acquavella, and Jeong Hee Cho
MELANOMA – “Melanoma”