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30 In 30 Out in 30 Minutes Podcast

Cancer Prevention and Wellness Clinic

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The 30 In 30 Out in 30 Minutes podcast is sponsored jointly by Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center Firefighter Cancer Initiative and the Florida Division of State Fire Marshal. Hosted by JoAnne Rice, Assistant Director with the Florida Division of State Fire Marshal, 30 In 30 Out will talk about firefighter health and safety and provide practical information to reduce risks--all in 30 minutes. Our goal is to improve firefighters' chances of enjoying a happy, healthy 30-year career followed by a happy, healthy 30+ years of retirement.

JoAnne will be talking with doctors, subject matter experts, impacted firefighters, and family members on topics such as cancer, behavioral health, sleep deprivation, resiliency, hearing conservation, and much more.


“What you do today will impact you for a lifetime, and even minor changes to mitigate some of the risks you face each day will benefit you. Ultimately my hope is that you will choose to make safety your top priority, so you can enjoy a full, happy healthy 30-year career and a full, happy, healthy 30+ retirement.”
– JoAnne Rice

Assistant Director
Florida Division of State Fire Marshal