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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Firefighter Cancer Initiative (FCI)? Page 1

The Firefighter Cancer Initiative is an effort led by Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine.

The goal of the initiative is to determine whether firefighters’ work environment increase their risk for cancer.

Can we firefighters participate in all projects under the FCI? Page 1
All Florida firefighters can participate in the Annual Cancer Survey. Participation in other projects will depend on the project’s recruitment periods and guidelines. The Colorectal Cancer Screening project, for example, will not be appropriate for all firefighters. In this case, the Annual Cancer Survey helps identify who would be a good candidate for this form of screening. If you are not selected, it may be more appropriate for you to speak to your doctor about your specific risk factors and the best screening method for you.
How can my department get involved? Page 1

If your department chief is in favor of your department participating in the FCI, it would be best to assign one contact person to reach out to the FCI Project Manager. The Project Manager will then work with your department’s contact person to coordinate station visits. The only information necessary would be the list of stations to be visited.

FCI Project Manager | Jessica Diaz | 305-243-2083 |

How long is a station visit? Page 1

Each station visit lasts approximately 30 minutes. Visits may be tailored to meet station needs (e.g., include additional shifts).

What does a station visit consist of? Page 1

During a station visit, an FCI project team member will provide an overview of the project with an emphasis on the Annual Cancer Survey. Firefighters will have the opportunity to complete the survey with the project team member.

Can all shifts participate? Page 1

Yes. We can work with your department’s contact person and the FCI project team to try to engage all shifts.

Are all firefighters required to participate? Page 1

Yes. We can work with your department’s contact person and the FCI project team to try to engage all shifts.

Is participation anonymous? Page 1

Yes. The information you share is confidential and is only available to authorized University personnel. Your information is not shared with workers’ comp, your union, department, or chief.

Can firefighters complete the Annual Cancer Survey prior to a station visit? Page 1

Yes. Firefighters may complete the survey prior to a station visit. However, a station visit can still be arranged if firefighters have questions they would like answered prior to completing the survey.