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Language Services

Quality care relies on strong communication between patients and health care professionals. At the University of Miami Health System, we provide free language services to help patients from all backgrounds and cultures feel comfortable with their care.

When at all possible, UHealth will provide a certified medical interpreter to assist you in our facilities and offices. A certified medical interpreter has the skills and knowledge needed in order to interpret medical terminology.

UHealth offers multiple ways for you to have an interpreter ready to translate important medical information about your care via telephone, video remote interpretation (VRI) or in-person, at no cost.

With telephonic interpretation, UHealth has a dedicated line that can be used with any telephone at any of our facilities. You can ask one of our staff members to please call the interpreter line and a certified medical interpreter will be reached within minutes.

UHealth has multiple ways in which we can provide video remote interpretation (VRI). Our locations provide full accommodations to the needs of our ADA patients with iPads and VRI machines to provide instant, real-time video interpretation with certified medical interpreters. If you need an in-person certified medical interpreter for your scheduled medical appointment, please contact your physician’s office, who will assist with scheduling an interpreter. If an interpreter is needed during your hospitalization, please contact us at 305-243-7885 or