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Pediatric Sports Medicine

Active play and sports help your child develop physical, behavioral, and cognitive skills that will help them throughout their lives.

Unfortunately, they are likely to get a few bumps and bruises along the way. In fact, recreational activities and sports injuries end up with an estimated 3.2 million children visiting the emergency room each year, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control.

That’s no reason to keep them out of the game. The pediatric sports medicine experts at the University of Miami Sports Medicine Institute are just a phone call away. From concussions to little league shoulder, our team provides the highest level of personalized care that will have your little athlete back on the field.

Your little superstar needs specialized care.

Children’s bodies are still developing. Injuries to a young person’s muscles, bones, ligaments, joints, and tendons are very different than those same injuries in an adult. Our board-certified, fellowship-trained experts know how to effectively communicate with kids, understand their pain, and how to best treat them so they recover and get back to being a kid.

Pediatric Sports Medicine Specialists

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Don’t wait to get the highest standard of medical care for your child. At the Sports Medicine Institute, you will be seen quickly by one of our specialists, who will accurately diagnose your child’s injury and offer treatment options that focus on healing and future injury prevention. 

Schedule an appointment today by calling 305-689-5555, and selecting option 2. 

Area physicians: if you would like to refer your patient to us, please call 844-900-UMMD (8663).

Why Choose the University of Miami Sports Medicine Institute?

Home to a sports medicine certified pediatrician. The University of Miami Health is home to a sports medicine certified pediatrician, who completed specialized fellowship training to help athletes under the age of 18. You can rely on our expertise to help your young athlete recover, rebuild strength, and get back in the game.

Access to the University of Miami Concussion Clinic. Recent research shows that untreated concussions can have lasting negative effects on your child well into adulthood. The Concussion Program at the University of Miami Sports Medicine Institute focuses on education, prevention, and treatment of this common, potentially serious, brain injury and has a specialized, multidisciplinary team of concussion experts devoted to your child’s care.

Multidisciplinary support designed just for young athletes. We focus on caring just for children and teens, helping them avoid injuries and return to sports as quickly as possible. Each member of your child’s care team has years of experience and expertise caring for children and adolescents. From physical therapists and pediatric dietitians, to pediatric radiologists and orthopedic surgeons, you can trust that your child will receive treatment designed for their growing body.

Honored to be on your team. Even though we may treat some of your child’s sports heroes, our experts at the University of Miami Sports Medicine Institute are proud to offer all of our patients the same level of expertise at one of the nation's leading sports medicine programs. We combine top-notch care with research, clinical trials, and innovative treatments for your young athlete, at any skill level. When your child is hurt, you deserve nothing short of the best care for him or her. Visit us today to learn more.

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