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Psychological Assessment Service (PAS)


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Program Contact Information

Phone: 305-243-6857

Who we are

Mailman Center faculty psychologists working with the Psychology Assessment Service (PAS) faculty provide comprehensive psychological/neurodevelopmental evaluations.

What we do

Psychological, neuropsychological, and neurodevelopmental evaluations of children may be needed for a number of reasons. Sometimes the evaluation is used to determine a child’s specific learning styles that affect academic performance. Sometimes the evaluation is needed to determine if a child’s behavioral or emotional challenges are related to an underlying learning problem. At other times, the evaluation is needed to determine whether an injury or disease has resulted in challenges with learning, or if the child has a specific developmental disability or genetic condition. At still other times, the evaluation is needed to determine the ways a child learns best. In all cases, the evaluation leads to recommendations to address specific challenges, and may assist with eligibility for school-based or rehabilitation-based intervention services.

Children referred to the Psychological Assessment Service will be seen by one of the Mailman Center faculty who will meet with the parents and child to go over concerns and prior history. A testing strategy that involves standardized psychological tests, questionnaires, and/or direct observation will be developed to address the specific concerns for the child. Testing involves one-on-one administration of the tests with the child by the psychologist or by graduate students, interns, fellows, or master’s level psychometricians being supervised by the psychologist. Depending on the nature of the challenge, testing can take as little as 2-3 hours to as much as 8 hours. Testing is usually done in one day, but in some cases may take an additional day. When the testing is complete, the psychologist will develop a written report of the evaluation results and will then meet with the parents and the child to go over the results and make recommendations for intervention if any are needed.

The psychologist may refer the child to other specialists (e.g., speech therapists, audiologists, physical therapists, developmental and behavioral pediatricians, occupational therapists, assistive communication specialists, child neurologists, pediatric geneticists, and a number of other pediatric specialists) for additional evaluation or assistance. 

Consultations and brief focused evaluations are available for children having had recent testing elsewhere, but caregivers would like further discussion, second opinions or additional recommendations.

Who we serve

The Psychology Assessment Service (PAS) serves children and adolescents ranging in age from 12 months to 18+ years who present with complex neurodevelopmental disorders including:

  • treatment-resistant ADHD and specific learning disorders,
  • social-communication disorders,
  • autism spectrum disorder,
  • executive dysfunction,
  • brain injury,
  • genetic disorders or disease-related processes (Fragile-X, cancer, sickle cell disease).

Many families travel significant distances for the evaluations and often reside out of the U.S., typically in Caribbean islands. Cultural factors are often a consideration and services are offered in English and Spanish.

What we cost

We accept most health insurance plans.

Where we are located

Mailman Center for Child Development
(1601 NW 12th Ave, Miami FL, 33136)

We also provide services via secure video connection (Telehealth)

Arranging an Appointment

To schedule an appointment (in-person or via Telehealth), please call 305-243-6857.