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Healthy Steps


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Program Contact Information

Phone: 844-464-9811

Who we are

HealthySteps is a unique, proven pediatric primary care program committed to healthy child development and effective parenting. A child and family development professional, known as a HealthySteps Specialist, connects with families during pediatric well-child visits and home visits as part of the primary care team. Our Specialists:

  • Help parents understand and promote their child’s development
  • Support parents when challenges like feeding, behavior, sleep and adapting to life arise
  • Help parents develop a great relationship with their child
  • Teach parents how to keep their child as safe and happy as possible
  • Encourage and prioritize self-care for parents.

What we do

HealthySteps Specialists (HSS) work closely with the pediatrician during the child’s scheduled well visits to provide comprehensive care from birth to age three and provide family with additional support through home visits twice per year. HSS’s regularly check in regarding the child’s development as well as the family’s health and happiness, so the information, support, and connections provided best address the family’s needs. HSS’s teach skills and share ideas tailored to the family’s needs that promote positive behaviors and help the child develop. Additionally, HSS’s provide useful tools parents can trust including handouts, toys, and books that the family can enjoy together.

Research shows that how parents interact with their baby in the first three years of life can affect his or her future success. Parents are a child’s first and most important teacher, so HealthySteps teaches parents to:

  • Interact with their baby in ways that promote positive behavior
  • Limit unwanted challenges
  • Utilize play and daily routines as opportunities to help their child learn
  • Promote strong bonding
  • Enjoy being a parent

Who we serve

HealthySteps serves children from birth to age three. Families with new-borns up until the age of two months who intend to remain at one of the three participating pediatric clinics {Jackson Ambulatory Care Clinic West (ACC-West) , UHealth Kendall, UHealth Medical Campus/Desai Sethi Medical Center} for more than six months and are willing to complete home visits will meet criteria for inclusion. This includes at-risk children, premature babies and babies with medical conditions and/or disabilities.

What we cost

HealthySteps is a free program offered to families attending one of the three participating pediatric clinics. The program is generously funded by The Children’s Trust. The Trust is a dedicated source of revenue established by voter referendum to improve the lives of children and families in Miami-Dade County.

Where we are located

HealthySteps is located in three diverse pediatric clinics throughout Miami. We also provide services via secure video connection (telehealth) or by phone. The practice locations include:

  • Jackson Memorial Hospital Pediatrics

    Ambulatory Care Center (ACC) West
    1611 NW 12th Avenue, Suite 5C
    Miami, FL 33136

  • UHealth Pediatrics – Kendall

    8932 SW 97th Avenue, Suite D
    Miami, FL 33176

  • UHealth Pediatrics – Medical Campus
    Desai Sethi Medical Center
    1150 NW 14th Street, Suite 410
    Miami, FL 33136

Arranging an Appointment

To schedule an appointment (in-person or via Telehealth), please call 884-464-9811.