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Initiate an Autopsy Request by calling Pathology Customer Care at 305-243-7284.

Two forms will be sent and must be completed to request an Autopsy

  • Autopsy Consent Form
  • University of Miami/Jackson Memorial Hospital request for Autopsy Service 

Important Notes

  • Autopsies for a deceased person of 250lbs and above will incur additional charges.
  • In the case of a stillborn, the placenta is required for examination.
  • The completion time for autopsies is approximately 4 to 8 weeks for uncomplicated cases.
  • A detailed copy of the medical records on the deceased from the Facility/PCP must be submitted prior to the autopsy
  • The requesting party is responsible for transportation of body to and from the Jackson Memorial Hospital Morgue (Room B040J).  This process needs to be coordinated through a Funeral Home and the Jackson Morgue Staff (305-585-8599). Any additional charges for transportation are between the requesting party and the Funeral Home.