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Biospecimen Shared Resource

The Biospecimen Shared Resource (BSSR) provides high quality, well-characterized cancer and related human tissue specimens and biological materials to investigators. This resource is a robust facility, staffed with experienced, knowledgeable personnel and cutting-edge equipment with several services, including the production of Tissue Microarrays. In partnership with the HIHG Biorepository, the BSSR stores tissue and nucleic acids from clinically annotated specimens with associated blood specimens available for the majority of collections.

Contact Us

Department Email

Nipun Merchant M.D., FACS

Melinda Boone
Biospecimen Shared Resources
Office: 305-243-6777

Helen Kattoura
Biospecimen Shared Resources, Non-Therapeutic Trials
Office: 305-243-6438

Please visit the following link to browse biospecimen inventory:

iLab link to request Biospecimens

iLab link for Project Requests

Please contact the Shared Resource for additional information on services provided and details on recharge rates.