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Flow Cytometry Staff

To inquire about services of the Flow Cytometry Shared Resource, contact Huw S. (“Zip”) Kruger Gray, Ph.D., FCSR Director, at 305-243-5019 or You also may contact any of the staff in the main laboratory facility (in RMSB 7147) at 305-243-5571.

Meet the team

Flow Cytometry Staff

The experienced and talented facility staff are responsible for all aspects of the daily operation of all flow cytometry instruments. They assist with and provide user advice on running samples on the analyzers, as well as exclusively performing cell sorting. They are also responsible for performing regular quality control, to ensure accurate operation of the instruments, including appropriate sterility testing. The staff are well qualified to perform routine instrument maintenance and minor repairs. In addition, they assist investigators with data analysis and storage, as well as the collection of information for facility usage reporting, billing users for services provided, and the purchase of supplies, as required. They provide appropriate training for investigators, students, and technical staff in the operation of the flow cytometers, use of their software, and analysis of data.

Huw S. (“Zip”) Kruger Gray, Ph.D., FCSR Director 

Dr. Kruger Gray oversees the operation of the facility. His primary responsibilities include: determining facility policies, providing consultation to researchers on experimental design, assisting with data interpretation, budgeting, determining future development strategy for the facility, and seeking appropriate funding. Dr. Kruger Gray has over 30 years of experience in flow cytometry, including applications and technical support, both academic and industrial. He holds a Ph.D. in microbiology from the University of Essex in England.

Shannon Saigh, Ph.D., Research Associate

Dr. Saigh received her Ph.D. in immunology from the University of Miami, Miller School of Medicine in 2008. She has had six years of successfully designing and interpreting flow cytometry-based experiments in the laboratory of her mentor, Dr. Becky Adkins, which have led to several top-tier publications. She has further expanded her knowledgebase by becoming proficient with an array of flow cytometry applications that span the MAC/PC platforms. In addition to her technical knowledge, Dr. Saigh has a comprehensive understanding of biological systems, specifically, immune cell function. This has given her a broad understanding of cell surface molecules, as well as intracellular molecules, which can be used to both phenotypically and functionally characterize cell subsets; granting the FCSR user maximum flexibility.

Patricia Guevara, M.A., Research Associate 

Mrs. Guevara received her Bachelor of Science degree in Microbiology and Immunology, plus a Master of Arts in Liberal Studies from the University of Miami. Shortly after completing her bachelor’s degree, she began her scientific career in the laboratory of Dr. Becky Adkins at the University of Miami, Miller School of Medicine. She became proficient in designing, implementing and troubleshooting experiments, using biological, molecular and flow cytometry methods. During her 13-year tenure in the Adkins laboratory, she gained extensive knowledge in flow cytometry applications, which were essential to her research in neonatal immunology. Her experience encompasses use and knowledge of the analyzers, sorters, the analysis software, FlowJo, as well as the iLab scheduling software. She is also an expert with the facility’s monthly invoicing and reporting process.

Jay Enten, B.S., Research Associate 

Mr. Enten holds a Bachelor of Science degree in biology from Villanova University. His professional career started immediately after graduation in the quality control department of a small startup company in Maryland. Mr. Enten took his quality control knowledge to Coulter Corporation in 1984 where his experience spanned 22 years. During this tenure, he was a vital member of teams that developed flow cytometry instruments, software, and applications while providing product and technical support to customers. Upon leaving Beckman Coulter in 2005, he started his own consulting company that provided services to clients in need of technical support and applications development in flow cytometry.

Natasha Ward, Ph.D., Research Associate

Dr. Ward received her Ph.D. in Immunology from the University of Miami, Miller School of Medicine, during 2018, in the laboratory of Dr. Thomas Malek. She has over 8 years of biological research experience in academia and commercial development technology. Her research career began studying B-cells in vaccine development leading to developed knowledge in cell preparation and molecular biology techniques. In the later years, her research in IL-2 immunotherapy heavily focused on flow cytometric assays including multicolor panel staining (cell surface and intracellular), intracellular staining for phosphorylated proteins, cell sorting of T lymphocytes, DAPI staining as well as cytokine bead arrays. Through her experience she has become proficient in experimental and panel design, data analysis using BD FACSDiva and GraphPad Prism, and scientific writing.