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Cancer Modeling Shared Resource

Cancer Modeling (CMSR) is a newly developing resource at Sylvester. The goal of the CMSR is to provide mouse models of cancer to allow investigation of novel anti-cancer treatments in a pre-clinical setting, including cell line, xenograft, and patient derived (PDX) models of cancer.

The CMSR will also provide uniform care and provision of novel therapies under standard operating procedures. Lastly, it will provide assessment of anti-cancer activity in a very controlled, reproducible setting.

The CMSR will mirror every aspect of human cancer diagnostics, treatment and care, and provide qualified, cost effective and state-of-the-art services to foster cancer research advancements, and accelerate the discovery of tailored anti-tumor therapies leading to patient benefit. It will consist of an integrated shared resource composed of four components to support four key activities:

  • Modeling human disease
  • Devising treatment protocols
  • Using noninvasive imaging for diagnosis and evaluation of responses to treatment
  • Perform pathological analysis of targeted cancer therapies

Contact us

Daniel Bilbao, Ph.D., MBA, Director


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Mailing Address
Fox Cancer Research Building
1550 N.W. 10th Avenue
Room 304D
Miami, FL 33136

Physical Address
Batchelor Children’s Research Institute
1580 NW 10th Ave
Rooms 811, 835-838, 840
Miami, FL 33136

Please contact the Shared Resource for additional information on services provided and details on recharge rates.

High Frequency Ultrasound
IVIS Spectrum
Perkin Elmer Anesthesia System, RAS 4